St Paul's Catholic Primary School, V.A.

Where the children grow in the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

Meet the Governors/ Academy Council

What do School Governors do? What is an Academy Council?

School Governors are ordinary people, aged over 18, who are drawn from all walks of life.

Governors give their service voluntarily and no formal qualifications are necessary, although there are certain criteria to consider when appointing a Board of Governors. Governors, along with the Head Teacher and the school’s senior staff, form the leadership team of the school. They have a crucial role in ensuring the school is successful in meeting the needs of all its pupils and in achieving high standards.

Their term of office is usually four years.  This may be extended. Foundation Governors of a Catholic school are appointed by the Bishop and have special responsibilities as his representatives, to preserve and develop the distinctive Catholic character of the school.

All governors of the school can be contacted via the School Office. The Governors here at St Paul's Catholic Primary School VA form an Academy Council. They report to the Multi-Academy Trust Board and follow a agreed Scheme of Delegation.


Foundation Governors:

S. Vickers (Chair of the Governing Body): Eighteen years ago when we moved into the area, we had a choice of schools for our elder child, then six, and we selected St. Paul’s CPA. As a consequence we joined the worshiping community of St. Paul’s Parish where my family were very active parishioners for several years. In 2003, I became a Foundation Governor at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, so I have been associated with the school as a parent, then a governor, for eighteen years now.

Until my recent retirement I worked in the  IT Department of a finance company. I feel there is a synergy between my role as a governor and my management experience at work. My experience as a school governor, supporting an area where I am not an expert, education, helped me take on new challenges at work and my management experience at work has helped me to understand and support the management challenges that can be faced within the school. I am now experienced in Data Protection, Child Protection, Safeguarding and Staff Recruitment. I am a regular visitor to school and have an effective working partnership with the Headteacher, Mr Bowker.


J. Muddiman (Vice Chair of The Academy Council/Chair of the CAPS sub-committee): I have been a member of this parish (attending Immaculate Heart Church) for over 50 years and my children have attended the parish schools in all education sectors.

My family has had connections with St. Paul's for over 50 years. Many members of my husband’s family attended the school as pupils and my eldest son attended St. Paul’s for 2 years before the re-organisation of Catholic education in 1990.

I am a retired Head Teacher of a Catholic school in Harrogate; I have always taught in Catholic schools and spent many happy years as a class teacher and later a senior manager at St. Paul’s from 1997 until 2003.

As a Catholic educator I was, and still am, totally committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for children whilst ensuring Christ is at the centre of everything we do. I offer my experience and enthusiasm in order to support the pupils, staff and parents of St. Paul’s


J. Bowyer:I am an experienced foundation governor and enjoy contributing to the Academy Council. My background is in pharmaceutical sales but I now work part-time as a medical receptionist. I am an active member of the parish of St John Mary Vianney, where I read in church and serve as a Children’s Liturgy catechist. I am a regular visitor in St Paul’s school and I am enjoying getting to know the staff and pupils and seeing how school really works. As a former pupil of the school I feel very privileged to serve in this role.I am extremely proud of our school, with its wonderful children and dedicated staff. I will work hard to fulfil my responsibilities as a governor and hope to assist the school in maintaining its high standards of education and strong Catholic ethos.


L. Denby: I have been part of St Paul’s Community for over 30 years and have many great memories of being a pupil at the school, regularly attending Church and in later years receiving the Sacrament of Marriage as well as bringing our children up within the Catholic Faith here at St Paul’s. I am now a part time working mum of three children and I first became interested in joining the Academy Council when our eldest daughter started school in September 2014. It was a new chapter in our lives and I wanted to  be involved in her education and be part of a team to continue in the schools excellence. I hope that my skills and knowledge of working in a Finance Department of a Marketing Company will be a positive influence in maintaining St Paul’s high achievements. 


F. Akande: I am very proud to be a Foundation Governor having previously served as a Parent Governor. As a father of two children at the school I pride myself in being seen on the playground and attending weekly Masses and Parish events. My experience in Industry allows me to support and challenge the school leadership team.  


VACANCY for a Foundation Governor. New Parish Priest Father Dennis Cassidy will elect a new governor once Lockdown ends in Summer 2021. 


Parent Governors:

M.Colannino: Elected Autumn 2020. 

One further vacancy to appointed Summer 2021


Staff Governors:

Mr P. Bowker: Headteacher representative on the Academy Council.  


Mrs J.Sykes: I am an experienced member of staff and I am proud to sit on the Academy Council. I act as a link between the staff and governors, working for the benefits of the children at St Paul's Catholic Primary School.  


Clerk to the Academy Council

Mrs Amanda Jahdi

Statutory Information and Business Interests Information

Governor Attendance 2019 2020 and 2020 2021