St Paul's Catholic Primary School, V.A.

Journeying together in faith, hope and love.

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                      Design and Technology (D&T)

                                                 The children love D&T projects.

D&T is a very practical subject that is all about problem solving and answering questions based in a real context. Every project involves designing, making and evaluating a product, for an identified user with a purpose in mind.... and it must be functional. These skills are vital in life, especially the resilience to try again when things go wrong!

D&T is a true cross curricular subject, supporting, developing and enhancing many other areas of the curriculum, especially mathematics, literacy and art. 

To support D&T we use "Projects on a Page" and the children complete one D&T project each term, one of which will be food technology. Food technology is further enhanced during the school's annual "Healthy Week." 


Year 1 and Year 2 - Linking with our history topic of The Great Fire of London, we have designed and made fire engines. We explored wheeled toys and looked at different ways to allow the wheels to go around. We learned about the axel and the chassis. We then worked with a partner to make our fire engines. We then shred them with the class and talked about the things we were proud of and things we could do to make them even better.

Year 1

As part of the History topic, Year 1 explored old toys and games and enjoyed having a go at making ball and cup games and optical illusion toys called, "Thaumotropes."

Year 1

During Dinosaur week we explored different ways of making moving pictures. we made dinosaurs with moving eyes and dinosaur eggs that opened. We learned how to make a slide movement and a rotating movement.

Year 2 Design and making castles

Dinosaur Week Year 3

As part of "Dinosaur Week" Year 3 explored making things move using hydraulics. They designed and made the dinosaurs' mouths open using syringes.

Year 5 Designing and making structures.