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Science Policy - Draft (September 2020)
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Science at St Paul's aims to provide the children with the opportunity to explore and understand the world around us through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics - fulfilling the Primary National Curriculum 2014.


Science, as a core subject,  is taught weekly as a stand alone subject, to ensure full coverage of the curriculum, We do make links with other subjects wherever possible. The topics taught each half term are shown on our school long term plan. 


The core approach taken with this subject is that children develop the ability to question, predict, think, investigate and report as routine. These key scientific skills are embedded in the science teaching undertaken and are crucial for the children to take their understanding and enjoyment through to secondary school and beyond . The emphasis is on the practical nature of the subject. The aim is very much learning through hands on investigation. 


Mrs Winters is the Science Coordinator in school. She is supported by Mr Purcell.


If any parents could offer any expert support in school with Science by sharing their real-life experiences, we would love to hear from you!  

                              Year 1 : The  Life Cycle of a Chick

One of the highlights of the year is having the eggs arrive in class and watching the chicks hatch and grow. We learn lots of new words such as, pipping, brooding and incubator. We are amazed at how quickly the little wet chicks fluff up and stand on their feet!