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Art and Design

Art is everywhere at St. Paul's Catholic Primary School, VA.

Art is used for display for a variety of purposes. It not only creates a welcoming and child friendly environment, but it shows evidence of the learning that has been taking place. Displays are used to challenge and encourage all children as examples of what is possible, and also provide support for learning with key vocabulary, questions and facts.

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Teaching Art Vocabulary, Knowledge and Skills:

Like all curriculum areas, art has its own essential vocabulary and skills.   We encourage the children to use the correct vocabulary when discussing their own and others work. Sketchbooks have key vocabulary in the front for children to refer to and for teachers to monitor.

Children learn about the work of a variety of artists and crafts people, both modern and old and especially local artists where possible. The children explore and experiment with the style used by the artist and the impact it creates. Children annotate their own marks and images from the chosen artists. They learn about the impact or influence of the work of the artist at the time they were alive and today,

Sketchbooks are used to teach and explore the skills and effects of different media. The "Progression of skills" document (above) is used to track the coverage of a range of different skills from one year group to the next.

ART supports learning in other curriculum areas.

Close observation is a vital skill that encourages thinking and questioning. It triggers ideas and is a tool for discovery.



Year 1 did many drawings in connection with their learning about the life cycle of a dandelion. Each sketch improved as details were shared and talked about.


By really examining images of events and artefacts from the past children develop deeper observational and questioning skills.  Children explore how colour has been used to create a reaction or an emotion and try to use this in their own work. Art supports children in thinking more deeply.

ART & R.E.

Images and artefacts are an essential part of many faiths. Images and artefacts are used to try and explain and make faith visible. Images are often regarded as sacred. With this respect in mind, children explore art to support and enhance learning in R.E.

Displays around school.

The displays around school not only show and celebrate the learning that is happening within school, but the displays also are used within class to support learning and act as visual prompts and reminders that link previous topics and support vocabulary development and progression.

Sketch books

Sketchbooks are used widely to gather ideas, practice skills and to try things out, such as shading and colour mixing. Children gather images and information about artists and their work in their sketch books and annotate what they have found. They look at the styles and effects of the artists work rather than copying a single piece of art. Children are encouraged to use sketch books to explore and teacher questioning helps to move the experimentation and learning forwards.