St Paul's Catholic Primary School, V.A.

Journeying together in faith, hope and love.


Our school library has a large and varied collection of fiction and non-fiction books which the children may borrow. The fiction books cater for early readers through to competent KS2 readers. The non-fiction books cover interests from sports to festivals around the world.

New books are regularly added to our library and FOSP's make a yearly donation towards this cost.

The books in the library are catalogued, tracked and loaned using specially designed software. Each child is allocated a unique barcode for the purposes of borrowing and returning books and each book similarly has its own barcode. Children are required to return books to the library before another book may be borrowed. To ensure that the library remains sustainable, a contribution is requested for each book not returned to the library.

The library is open every lunchtime thanks to our Year 5 librarians.