St Paul's Catholic Primary School, V.A.

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Catch-Up Funding


2022/2023 Update

We have entered our data and sent the information to the DFE for 2022/23. £900 was 'clawed back' by the government.


Use of funding (Approximately £3900 after claw-back)

  • We were able to employ Mrs Lees to work in Year 6 alongside Mrs Sykes.
  • Mrs Gaffey and Miss McIntyre supported target children, identified in pupil progress meetings and monitored the accelerated progress they made .
  • Mrs Gaffey and other school staff mentored and tutored some children and helped them prepare for national testing at EKS1 and EKS2. 
  • We also used Bookmark to focus on Reading intervention across the school. 6-7 pupils from each year group received additional reading support. These sessions were led by Mrs Biedka and Mrs Russell.
  • Some catch-up funding was used to 'boost' children in Year 2 and Year 6, prior to SATs. 
  • Further additional catch-up funding was used to target 1-1 provision and counselling.
  • Some additional ARM cluster support was provided for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Mr Bowker worked 1-1 with a child. Additional AIP work was also commissioned to support this child. 
  • Attendance was monitored and 'target families' received additional support and guidance.