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Our 2021/2022 Admissions policy is now available for consultation. Please see Key Information then click on the Admissions tab. Any questions or if you would like to request a paper copy of the Draft policy, please contact the school office: 0113 2939901 or email: Many thanks. Mr Bowker.

Welcome to St Paul’s Catholic Primary School

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our school through this website and I hope you will find it both interesting and useful. It is impossible to describe everything about Saint Paul's Primary School here, and that is not our aim but we hope that this site will give you an insight into the life of our community and the ethos of our Catholic School. We are all proud of our school and our pupils enjoy their learning in a caring atmosphere where they feel safe and secure. We are committed to working closely with our families and the parish. Mr Phil Bowker (Head Teacher)
Saint Paul says: ‘Give your heart to everything that is good. Be a real family, warm-hearted in your care for one another, thinking better of others than of yourselves. In hard times stand your ground; and never forget to pray.’

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