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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 are a happy group of children who have settled into Key Stage Two beautifully. They are taught by Miss Dixon and are supported in class by Mrs Jeffery. We are looking forward to lots of things this year like going swimming and making our First Reconciliation. Keep an eye on this page for updates on what Year 3 are getting up to throughout the year. 

Picture 1
Please see the 'History' page on the St. Paul's website to view more pictures from our visit to Herd Farm. 

Year 3 investigated how shadows are formed by creating their own 'Star Wars' puppet show!

Year 3's tasty treat! The kitchen staff kindly cooked the potatoes that the children grew with Mrs Walker. They were delicious!

Glockenspiel fun in Year 3! The children had brilliant rhythm.

Year 3 are using their editing cards when editing and improving the yellow boxes in their English books.

Outdoor Maths! Number lines to 1000.

Practising our spellings using fun strategies!

Year 3 became teachers for the morning as they shared what they had found out about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.