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Year 1

                                                    Welcome to Year 1 class page.


We are a lovely class of happy, enthusiastic and caring children. We look after each other, we are keen to learn and to have fun. Have a look at our page to see just some of the things that we have been doing. Our class teacher is Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Walker helps us too and Mr. Purcell teaches us on a Monday afternoon.



Signs of Autumn and Andy Goldsworthy
We love reading! We have been working very hard with our phonics and sight words. We love getting up in front of the class to read aloud. We try our best to use a loud, clear voice and to use expression!
In art we are learning about the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We have been exploring his sculptures that he made from things found in nature. We have been looking at what he used, the shapes and the colours. Then we learned how to carefully mix red and yellow paint to make different shades of orange.

Amphibians, reptiles or mammals? Super Scientists!

To help us to learn animal groups, we went into the hall and got into groups of 5. Each group was given an animal group name and had to move around the room pretending to be an animal in that group. We had to guess what each group was. Then we sorted lots of pictures and had some scientific discussions about why a butterfly was NOT a bird even though it has wings!

Aaargh Spider! To get ourselves ready for writing, we have been retelling, reading and making story maps from our story, "Aaaarrggghh Spider" by Lydia Monks. We can tell the story using actions to help and some of us have retold the story to our mums and dads at home! We are learning to use lots of expression!
Finished! Year 1 completed their Mini- Marathon with enthusiasm! We are building our stamina and strength and will continue our daily runs to keep us fit and well!
After learning The Creation Story, we wrote "Thank you" prayers. Then some of us shared our prayers during our class worship. We have also read  the story of Adam and Eve and talked about how we feel when we make good and bad choices.
Science and Art: We are learning about animal groups and had a go at drawing a butterfly. We then looked at the different shapes and parts of a butterfly in a photograph and had another try. Look at what we can do when we use or science brains!
In Art we have been using just our pencils to make different marks - wavy lines, straight lines, zig-zag lines and broken lines, big lines and small lines. Then we used these lines and some Autumn colours to decorate a horse chestnut leaf.
In maths we have started our learning by making sets and saying why objects have been put together. We had to speak in sentences and we got team points if we could think of more than one right answer. We sorted by colour, by shape, by what an object was used for and by size. We found lots of different answers!


Year 1 have had a very busy week becoming familiar with new rules and ways of learning. We have been saying our prayers while listening to Pachelbel's Canon and listened to The Story of Creation, from The Bible. We have also been keeping fit in class learning a new routine. We are practising our phonics daily, reading with a partner and if we're feeling brave, reading to the whole class! In numbers, we have been ordering numbers to 20 and practising writing them neatly. We have also had lots of time to share our news and some time to play with our friends! Have a look at some of the photographs.

In Year 1 we started our year together by playing some "Getting to know you" games. We all had to move around the playground in different ways and when we stopped someone hid! We then had to work out who was missing and tell Mrs. Winters something about them. For our PSHE topic, "Feeling Good, Being me," we talked about how we know how someone is feeling by their expression. This will help us to help each other. One of our class rules is to try and make everyone happy! Can you spot happy, sad, angry, shocked and excited?