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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

 Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Walker and Mr. Pratt.


  We are a very friendly, busy and polite group of children, who love to be active and have lots of questions. Have a look at our class page to see just some of the things that we have been doing.


We have begun the year learning about being a good learner and having a "Growth Mindset." To help us to do this we have been finding out about Percy Perseverance, Fabulous Focus, Emily Effort, General Independence and Roaring Courage. We are trying to earn lots of stickers for our attitude.

It has been so exciting in Year 1!

"Living Eggs" delivered 10 eggs for us to look after and an incubator. We watched all ten eggs hatch into little chicks. We had to keep them warm and could only put them in the brooding box once they were fluffy and dry. Once in the brooding box they could have water and eat the food given to us by "Living Eggs." They are looking quite big now but they are still very cute! We chose some great names for them, such as Fluffy, Florence and Bob and now we can see little feathers beginning to grow. We have done some non-fiction writing to record all the special things we have seen.

Numbers to 50. We are learning to count and order numbers to 50 and how to break these two digit numbers into tens and ones.
Science - we have been exploring the materials that objects are made from and asking "Why?" We have sorted objects into groups according to the material they are made from and then by the properties of the materials. We have been learning some big new science words like, opaque, transparent, flexible and rigid. We also went on the hunt for "rough" surfaces. We took a rubbing and talked about the patterns we could see.


That Poetry Bloke... and tongue twisters! The Gingerbread Man treasure hunt! Book reviews.... Reading with Year 4...Book aerobics! Sharing our books...Visit from Olivia's dad...Reading with our parents... What a busy day!

Working together to retell a story. We ordered the pictures and then "stole" good story telling words from the book and added them to our story maps. We then thought of some great ideas of our own.
We have been learning about how to mix lighter and dark tones of a colour by adding black paint or white paint.
While enjoying "Supertato" we have been learning about different types of sentences, asking sentences, telling sentences and shouting sentences!

Superhero Day.

We spent the day as superheroes! We had to use our numbers to work out who had the highest score in target practice. We had to work on our balance and agility completing the obstacle course. We had to build skyscrapers using number bonds. We made our own superhero masks and cuffs....and of course we read lots of superhero stories.

We love reading - to each other and to the class. We are learning to read with expression.
Gymnastics - rolling.  Tucked roll, Pencil roll and Teddy Bear rolls!

Design and Technology:

We have loved finding out about how to make moving parts when we make a model. We made fire engines and found it very difficult to make the wheels turn. Then we explored a variety of vehicles and were shown how to make a chassis and an axel that worked! We then refined the models that we had started.

Great Fire of London!!!

We lined up our Tudor houses, stood well back and Mr. Bowker set the bakery on Pudding Lane on fire. It was amazing how quickly everything went up in flames and how the wind helped the fire to spread.

Advent: Look at all the different ways that we have been learning about getting ready for the birth of Jesus, at Christmas.

We made Advent Wreaths and learned about what each thing reminded us of. We light the correct number of candles when we do our class worship together.

We all made a painting of someone from the Nativity Story, to create a display in the school hall.
We have been learning about the family of Jesus, from the Jesse Tree and we have been collecting food for the food bank. We are trying to think of others during Advent, in our deeds and in our prayers.
In class, we have made Advent promises and we have been learning about the important and very special role that Mary, Mother of God played. We are also trying to pray more during Advent and are taking our Prayer Bear home to write a special prayer with our families, to share with the class back in school.
As part of our learning in history about the Great the Fire of London, we have been making Tudor style houses. We have been looking at the timber frames, the style of the windows and doors. The houses were tall and narrow and the streets were very close together. We have also written some instructions about "How to make a Tudor house."

Tudor Houses

We were very proud of the finished product!

Whole part, part models, ten frames and number sentences!

Exploring shape with Andy Goldsworthy

Exploring autumn colours and leaves we learned about colour mixing. We slowly added red paint to yellow paint and then we added "hot" words.
We have been learning to retell the story, "Aaaarrggghhhh Spider!" with lots of expression. We made story maps, looked for repeated patterns in the language and even had a go at acting the story out.
We had great fun in the computer suite. We were learning how to give the computer instructions by using the mouse and not swiping the screen! We did a shape sorting activity and then we had a go at using the key board to write our names and using the tools to create our faces!
Seasonal Change. Year 1 have been down into Adel Woods to find out all about the changes that take place in Autumn. We learned to look at different leaf shapes and fruits to help us name the trees. We learned all about seed dispersal and how the berries and nuts on the trees feed the animals and create new trees....and we had a great time splashing in the mud in our wellies!
To help us to learn the story of Noah's Ark, we told the story using props that we could find in the classroom. We used a basket for the ark, Duplo people for Noah and his family and cloths for the rain and the sea. We were great at making the sound effects of the storm! We then worked in our groups to make a story sequence, everyone being responsible for a different part of the story.

Year 1 Class Assembly

There were so many very proud parents and staff when Year 1 did their class assembly. The children knew their lines and spoke up beautifully, loudly and clearly. The children shared some of our learning about being a good learner, some of our animal facts and the Story of Creation. The children also sang with real enthusiasm. Well done children!

Year 1 have had a very busy day making buns to sell at the Macmillan coffee morning. We watched how the ingredients changed and mixed and loved decorating them all.
We had a fantastic day with Dean from "Meet the Creature." We learned all about the different animal groups - amphibians, reptiles, minibeasts, birds, mammals and fish. We also got to handle two snakes, a gecko, a chinchilla, a frog, a lizard, a tortoise, a millipede and a tarantula! 
We have been learning about all the different kinds of marks we can make with mark makers: squiggles, zig-zags, straight lines, spirals, curves, spots, dots and many, many more. We used autumn colours to fill in some horse chestnut leaf shapes.

Autumn Mark Making

We loved using white boards to practise our handwriting, letter formation and "Hold a sentence," not forgetting our capital letters and full stops.

Numbers - we have been showing some of the things that we already know and playing with numbers finding different ways to show them.