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PSHE including Relationships and Health Education (previously RSE)

'The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.' Oprah Winfrey

Relationships and Health Education 2020 2021

Public Health England recommendations for schools

Promoting Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies


Last year at St Paul's, we began using 'Mindmate' materials to support our PSHE curriculum. The lessons are grouped into the themes: Feeling Good and Being Me; Friends and Family; Life Changes; Strong Emotions; Being the Same and Being Different and Solving Problems (and making it better) and they focus on supporting children's mental health. On the first day of each half term, we focus on PSHE and use the Mindmate, and other materials, to help to develop children's mental health and wellbeing. Throughout the half term, we then continue to develop the ideas explored using Mindmate and class teachers tailor their teaching and curriculum to the needs of their particular classes. For example, if there have been bereavements within a particular year group, then literacy work, collective worship or story time will be adapted to support children and explore their feelings.


We are proud to be a very active school and, in addition to the statutory PE lessons, we encourage children to participate in our many active afterschool clubs, try out for our sports teams and give them opportunities to try new sports and activities. All activities that children participate in both inside and outside of school, are celebrated within our Friday celebration assemblies, where pupils are invited to share their participation and successes.


We also hold a 'Healthy Week' every year in the Summer term. During this week, we invite outside agencies in to provide drug education to Key Stage 2; run skipping and karate workshops; and discuss diet and nutrition, amongst a variety of other activities.


Promoting Citizenship and British Values

We have a very strong sense of community at St Paul's and are active members of both our church and local community. This is reflected in our charity work for the local hospice; carol singing at Sainsbury's and Trinity Leeds to raise money for local and global charities; singing at the local old people's home and hospice; through our community cafes; and participating in events like 'Clean Air Day' with other local schools. 


Each year, new School Council representatives are elected by each class and House Captains are elected by all of Key Stage 2. During the recent General Election, we held our own elections in school, where children in Year 5 and Year 6 were able to create their own parties and promote something that they wanted to change or improve within the school. Our library became a polling station and all the children had the opportunity to vote.


For over ten years now, Year 6 have been visited by Fabien Hamilton, our local MP, who has talked to the children about our political system and its history and then the children have been invited by him to the Houses of Parliament, where he has taken them for a tour around the building.


PSHE Across the Curriculum

We consistently and enthusiastically encourage the children at St Paul's to be responsible, respectful, caring and active citizens of our school, church, local, national and global communities, through everything we do.


PSHE is not just taught as a discrete subject but through our RE curriculum, where we learn about tolerance and respect for others; in Maths, where we learn about financial capability; in Science, where we educate about germs and diseases and how they spread; in History, where we explore how learning lessons from the past can shape our future; in Geography, where we learn about other cultures and how we can look after our world; in Music and Art; where we learn to appreciate beauty and explore mindfulness; in DT, where we learn how to prepare healthy meals; in Computing, where we learn about how to keep safe online; in PE, where we learn how to keep our body and mind healthy; and through our everyday interactions and conversations, promoting good manners, a growth mindset and high expectations.


We endeavour to ensure that our children have a smooth transition into their new year group each year.



In the Summer term, prior to joining our school in Reception, the new starters are invited to attend some mornings and afternoons where they will meet and play with the children who will become their Year 6 buddies and get to know the staff they will be working with.


Year 6 

We have strong relationships with all the local secondary schools and this enables us to have a good transition from KS2 to KS3 for all of our children. We start our transition work in the Spring Term in Year 6, when we begin to discuss the changes that will happen in the year ahead and try to develop resilience and other coping strategies to help to deal with these changes. For our vulnerable pupils, we ensure that all the relevant people are fully involved in the transition process and provide all the information and support we can to the secondary school, the pupil and their families, both prior to and after transition.


Other Year Groups

In the Summer term, each class will spend time with their new teacher and in their new classroom, allowing them to get to know each other before the Summer break. This, hopefully, allays any worries or concerns that pupils may have around moving into the next year group.


Transition Project with Cardinal Heenan

This year, we have begun a transition project with Cardinal Heenan High School, which involves some of our Year 6 pupils from last year, buddying up with groups of Year 3 children and doing some work with them. They will continue to work with them for the next three years so that when this year group moves into KS3 at Cardinal Heenan, they will have Year 11 buddies to support them whilst they are in Year 7.



In Autumn 2 we introduced the 'Life to the Full' RSE programme. The framework of our programme is taken from the Model Catholic RSE Programme by the Catholic Education Service, which has been highlighted by the Department of Education as a work of good practice. 

Lockdown Learning Spring/Summer 2020

2019 - 2020

                                             PSHE prior to 2020

Charity and Community Work

We take part in a wide variety of charity events, involving the local community, throughout the year.


We sing at the local old people’s home, at St Gemma’s Hospice and at Sainsbury’s. We raise money for St Gemma’s Hospice, the St Vincent de Paul Society, CAFOD, the Sylvia Wright Foundation, Children in Need and a variety of other charities. 


Enterprise Day

On Tuesday 18th December 2018, we held an Enterprise Day. Each class made different items to sell or designed different games to play, during the run up to the day, including slime, biscuits and decorations.


This was a fantastic experience for all the children, allowing them to work collaboratively, calculate costs, design and make, bake, measure and advertise. 


The winning class that generated the greatest profit was Year 5! 



Spring 1

To start the new year off, we had a day focusing on our short and long term goals and looking at changes that happen in our lives and strategies for dealing with them. 

This term we will be taking part in Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 5th February.

Rebel Girls

The girls in Year 6 decided to set up a Rebel Girls group to discuss political issues like climate change, refugees and education. They meet every Friday lunchtime.

Autumn 2


This half term, our theme is Family and Friends. The children will explore how their behaviour affects others and what they can do to ensure that they have good, positive relationships with others. The week beginning November 19th will be our 'Friendship' week in school, where we will really focus on how to maintain good friendships; explore what happens when friendships go wrong; look at bullying in its various forms and think about how we can not only stand up to bullies, but consider why people might bully and try and help them.

Autumn 1

This year we will be using Mindmate and SEAL resources to deliver our PSHE curriculum. Many aspects of the curriculum are also covered through RE, Maths, Science, PE, Topic and Literacy. 


October is Black History Month and, whilst we learn about the history of people from all cultures throughout the year, this is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the unfair biased that the reporting of history has had in the past. It also provides us with an opportunity to explore the themes of racism, prejudice and equality and to reinforce the message that we are all God’s children, made in God’s image and therefore should be treated with equal respect.