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Year 5 RobinWood Assembly

This morning Year 5 gave a fantastic assembly for pupils and parents, telling us all about their amazing time at Robinwood. The audience received a real insight into their action packed three day residential to Robinwood, through photograph slide shows, retelling of memories and tales, to comedy role plays of caving, crate challenge and trapeze. The classmates enjoyed sharing their many experiences of teamwork, highlighting to us the  significance  of team bonding, cooperation and building of friendships. Year 5 confidently articulated their  opinions and arguments for which activity was best, showcasing their finely tuned debating skills and the 'pupil wrote prayers' were a true testimony of the thanks and appreciation the children had for parents, teachers, leaders and each other for making it such a memorable trip. Thank you to all who supported the children, take a look at some of the brilliant photos.