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Year 5 Class Assembly

What an extremely busy and productive term Year 5 have had, they were happy to share all their fantastic experiences with the rest of the school during yesterday's class assembly.The topic this term was World War II; the pupils enjoyed retelling tales about their visit to Eden camp and what they had learnt  about the associated events in history; the D-Day landings, the Holocaust and the plight of refugees. During English, the pupils had the opportunity to write brilliant  diary entries and read to us their emotive narratives related to the war. Year 5 were fortunate to be involved in the training and assessment of the future generation of doctors during their visit to the LGI; this focus on health was then continued during St. Paul's Healthy week. Individuals enjoyed sharing with us their amazing experiences. All the children confidently articulated their parts and beautifully performed a group song, well done Year 5 ....only 3 weeks left to stay busy! Thank you to all who came to support