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Help available for completing secondary school forms

Choice Advisor -
The Choice Advice Service provides impartial advice and support to families who are applying for a secondary school place.
Completing an application form for a child to attend high school, can be a confusing and anxious time for parents and children. In Leeds we had over 400 families who failed to complete a preference form on time. Leeds Children Services are trying to reduce this amount drastically.
The service can offer the following:
• Understanding the different policies for the different types of schools (Academies, Faith, Foundation and Community Schools).
• Help parents to complete the necessary admission forms.
• Support and advice around the appeals process if they are not offered their preferred school.
• Attend home visits in order to carry out this support.
• Explain the process when parents have made their decision of school.
• Inform parents of key dates and time frames they need to be aware of, such as deadlines for admission applications and appeals.
From 1st August 2014 parents can apply for a school place on-line and they can ask for a paper form from school in September. Parents have until 31st October 2014 to apply and will find out which school their child has been allocated at the beginning of March 2015.
Contact Details are:
Amy Williamson
Choice Advice service
Children Services 0113 3951200
Telephone number – 07891275563/3951200 (Professionals)
0113 3951200 (Parent line)
Email -