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Diamond Dash Times Tables Challenge

In order to raise the profile of times tables within the school and by way of supporting children in learning these facts we are launching 'Diamond Dash' times tables challenge. From summer 2017 a new National Times Tables Test for all year 6 children will become statutory. The children will be expected to know their times tables to 12 x 12. The National Curriculum says it is an age-related expectation that all children should know their times tables to 12 x 12 by Year 4.


We believe it is necessary to encourage all the children to learn their times tables so that they can recall them with confidence in all areas of maths learning and as a result make better progress.


Teachers will be supporting children in various ways to learn their addition/subtraction number bonds as well as their times tables facts as multiplication and division facts. We would very much appreciate parents support in encouraging the children to try their very best to improve their fluency skills at home as well as at school. Regular practice little and often is without doubt the best way to retain number facts overtime rather than just for a short term gain. There are suitable activities that children can use on mathletics which will help them on a regular basis as well as many other good websites like or or which has some strange picture stories to help children remember.