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Cavemen Day !

Year 3 had a fantastic day learning all about this term's new topic, 'Cavemen'. The pupils arrived at school looking like fierce hunters and warriors in their tribal cavemen outfits, full of excitement, wondering what the day had in store for them! The day started with the children learning factual information about the caveman period, completing comprehension and time line activities. Then the real fun began... the children literally got stuck into making fossil imprints and caveman jewellery, using extremely sticky salt dough! Cosy in their caves (under their desks) they set about decorated the ceilings with cavemen drawings, depicting a day out hunting. Out in the wild garden the pupils really enjoyed working together in teams to construct cavemen houses and later, this teamwork was put to the test in non-verbal physical challenges.To finish, a day out hunting for food with spears (indoor javelins) meant no-one went hungry! What a busy life a cave person led! Year 3 had a brilliant day and would like to say a massive "Thank you" to Mrs Biedka for all the help she gave on the day.