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Lineham Farm Day 3

Lineham Farm Day 2

Lineham Farm Day 1

What a fantastic week for a residential! Sunny blue skies, beautiful countryside and thirty children ready to have fun. Lineham Farm has been wonderful and it's only Day 1. The children have tried out archery, low ropes challenge, orienteering and bush craft so far and managed an evening walk and games in the woods. They must be tired!


July 2021 - Science and Maths Week

We have started the week with the hypothesis - Do individuals with the largest feet jump the furthest? Lots of discussion and jumping followed and they now have to decide how to present their data......

5th May 2021

Science saw us taking our learning outdoors as we searched high and low for leaves of all shapes and sizes. We began by talking about how we might sort living things into different groups - and managed to sort ourselves in lots of different ways using specific closed questions. The children then began to use their observation skills to identify different characteristics of leaves that could be found in our playground. Once collected, the children set about sorting their collection into different groups, representing their findings in Venn diagrams. Next lesson will see us moving onto more specific sorting using classification keys - outside weather permitting! 

28th April 2021

The Big Pedal -  an excellent afternoon for Year 6 which started with creating a tunnel for their buddies and ended in extreme bravery (ramps on the school field)! Thanks Mrs McGurk for organising!

31st March 2021

Holy Week - a rare opportunity for Year 6 to spend some time with their buddies. During the Stations of the Cross, the older children read beautifully and the younger children listened intently. 

26th March 2021

Some art to end the week! We began last week with sketching in our sketch books to practise some of the techniques of our chosen artist - Fabric Lenny. A Yorkshire artist, Fabric Lenny has created many wonderful works. We especially liked the UV Birds and set about creating our own illustrations.... with a twist. Having just completed our topic on Evolution, having learned about adaptation and having studied Charles Darwin and 'Darwin's Finches', we decided our birds would look a little different. 

17th March 2021

Maths was the focus this morning - outside, using equipment and applying their learning from previous lessons. The children's task was to measure existing shapes in the playground to find area and perimeter. They then created rectilinear shapes of their own before finding the perimeter and area. Working in teams they had to solve problems together and support each other. A great morning of maths!

11th March 2021

A late celebration for World Book Day provided a great opportunity for Year 6 to have some fun - all in the name of reading. We shared some Julia Donaldson books, remembering old favourites such as The Gruffalo, Stick Man and many others. We read 'Would You Rather' together by the late John Burningham, and discovered a lot about each that we definitely didn't know! To round off our picture books, we enjoyed a rendition of The Gruffalo in Scots. The children had made a fantastic effort with their costumes and enjoyed a fun day with each other.

5th March 2021

The last day of lockdown learning! Well done year 6 for keeping going with the work this week - you have still worked so hard. We've tackled maths challenges, written persuasive speeches, reflected on our First Holy Communion sacrament, made Charles Darwin Mini Books, designed our own workouts and still found time to celebrate World Book Day and share some of our book choices. Well done! Looking forward to being back in the classroom with everyone next week!

Spring 1 2020

Another dose of Lockdown Learning! Year 6 have risen to the challenge  and have demonstrated so many qualities in the way you have kept yourselves busy and made the best out of the situation. Resilience and independence are two words that spring to mind from our Growth Mindset learning. Well done Year 6. 

December 2020

December saw us reaching the end of of our history topic on World War Two. We completed recounts, wrote stories  and filled our sentence stacking wall until it was overflowing! In art we painted our own London Blitz scenes and lighthouse landscapes using water colours. All our work was made even better by using some brilliant texts such as Letters from a Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti.

November 2020

Outside, keeping fit whatever the weather. 

Autumn 2 2020

Autumn Term 2, here we come! First day back and it has been fantastic to see the whole class together, despite the difficulties surrounding us. We spent the day working hard, whilst discussing important issues around relationships and friendships. The children are fully aware of how to maintain positive relationships but realise that it sometimes is not always easy to do or that sometimes they get it wrong. Our role-play sessions this afternoon helped us to think about how to support each other and how to be a better friend. The dramatic scenes that followed showed the thought that went into their work. To finish off the day, Year 6 managed a couple of netball matches (rainy ones at times) and they had the chance to put their ideas on supporting each other and working together into practice. Super start to the half term!