St Paul's Catholic Primary School, V.A.

Where the children grow in the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.


              Welcome to Reception Class

We are a very happy, busy and friendly group of children who are enjoying exploring lots of different activities and making friends in our new school . We are taught by Mrs. Winters and also learn lots of things with Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Gaffey, Mrs. Norwood and Mr. Hings. Enjoy having a look at the photographs of just some the things we have been doing.

We love going to the library. Every Wednesday we visit the library, we have a story and we get to choose our own books to take home.

At last we have been able to welcome our Year 6 buddies. They have been helping us to play games and take turns, sharing stories with us and helping us to make our Rosary beads to help us to pray a decade of The Rosary.

                                                            NUMBER BRAINS!

Numbers are everywhere. We have been matching, comparing, filling, building, counting and subitising!

               We enjoy a quiet moment to read and take orders.


EYFS Framework 2021

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