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              Welcome to Reception Class

We are a very happy, busy and friendly group of children who are enjoying exploring lots of different activities and making friends in our new school . We are taught by Mrs. Winters and also learn lots of things with Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Gaffey, Mrs. Norwood and Mr. Hings. Enjoy having a look at the photographs of just some the things we have been doing.

Travel - Jump - roll

Numbers - we have been ordering and comparing numbers to ten and using tricky tweezers to show the correct amounts.

Since we came back to school we have done lots of learning about Jesus. We enjoyed the story of the Road to Emmaus, did lots of role play and we love looking at The  Bible. There are some great pictures and stories in The Bible. We wrote prayers to ask God to help us say sorry and to forgive if we have hurt someone.

Easter - New Life

We learned the story of The Resurrection and wondered what the disciples and Mary would be thinking. We loved acting out some of the story and really thought about what people might say.

In the first week back after the Easter holiday we were so proud to do our assembly for our Mums and Dads.

As part of our learning about how people celebrate Easter, we decorated and rolled some hard boiled eggs!


During Lent we have been trying to be more like Jesus. We have been learning different ways to pray. We light a candle and are still and listen to music and just be with God. We also have a kindness jar which gives us a kind deed to do every day. We have also prayed The Stations of The Cross with Year 6.

Life Cycle of a chick

Reception Class were absolutely fascinated when some eggs arrived in class in an incubator. We watched and waited. After two days the eggs began to hatch and the little fluffy chicks appeared. We gave them all names and we learned about the life cycle of a chick. We were sad to see them go.

Construction Bricks: We love building together and create with our blocks every day. We have made tunnels and igloos and stages and bathrooms and tracks for cars to name but a few!

Harlow Carr, looking for signs of the seasons!

We had a wonderful trip to Harlow Carr where their Education Team lead us through different activities relating to the seasons and looking for signs in nature. The children were brilliant, answering well and joining in all of the activities with enthusiasm. We were so very proud of all of the children.

Blending and writing our letters.

Playing games, building, balancing and bird feeders!

We had a fabulous first session with Northern Arts Factory who led us in dance. We used our imaginations to journey through a Winter Wonderland. We explored lots of different ways to move like Arctic animals and waded through mountains of snow!

Happy New Year!

We have really started the new term well, enthusiastically exploring lots of things and enjoying learning and being back with our friends.

We had lots of fun learning about the very first Christmas in many different ways. We did our very own Christmas assembly. We were so proud of ourselves saying our lines clearly, telling the Christmas story and singing our hearts out. Check out our Youtube channel to watch our video. We made cards and gifts loved singing carols outside on our last day! Happy Christmas everybody!Enter text...


We are beginning to get ready for Christmas, for the birth of Jesus. We made an Advent wreath of evergreen leaves and used four candles, one for each of the weeks of Advent. There is a white candle for Christmas Day. We light a candle every morning when we say our prayers together.


Whatever Next! We have loved sharing the story of Baby Bear and his trip to the moon. We retold the story using space boots, a helmet, a teddy bear and a good old cardboard box. We also experimented making craters by dropping different objects into moon dust.

Exploring, building, experimenting, creating and making.

Reading and blending.

Deep dive the number 5. We have been exploring the number 5, making 5, identifying more and fewer, ordering and seeing other numbers within 5!

Understanding the world: We learned about Diwali and the festival of lights. We talked about how we celebrate special times and compared it to Diwali. We made some delicious coconut sweets and had a bit of a go at learning some Bhangra dancing.

We loved having our Mums and Dads visit us for our Stay and Play. We were able to show them lots of different activities that we enjoy and we were proud of how they joined in.

We love going to the library. Every Wednesday we visit the library, we have a story and we get to choose our own books to take home.

At last we have been able to welcome our Year 6 buddies. They have been helping us to play games and take turns, sharing stories with us and helping us to make our Rosary beads to help us to pray a decade of The Rosary.

                                                            NUMBER BRAINS!

Numbers are everywhere. We have been matching, comparing, filling, building, counting and subitising!

               We enjoy a quiet moment to read and take orders.


EYFS Framework 2021

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