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Enterprising Year 5

Year 5 were enthusiastic about Enterprise Week from the very day it was first mentioned, and it grew and grew as we approached our Market Day. They were quick to point out that they had won it as a class before; the expectation was set. We had to win! All the children worked so hard looking at costings, advertising, promotions and packaging/presentation. Our products offered variety and affordability. What could go wrong?

Well, it turns out cake pops (or pop cakes) can be quite tricky, we made enough biscuits to cover every surface in our classroom, and icing doesn't always end up exactly where you'd envisaged. However, by the end of our production stage, we had a counter full of delicious treats, with children ready to sell to their customers. It all went to plan...... we sold out! 

After an agonising few days of reckoning, Year 5 found out they had won Enterprise Week and produced the most profit. Well done Year 5 - you were fabulous!