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Welcome to Year 6!

Miss McIntyre and Mrs Turner

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7th December 2018

Happy Advent! We commenced this week with a special Advent day on Monday, when we decorated our classroom in a festive manner and compared different versions of the nativity story in two of the gospels. Everyone in class also selected an Advent Angel, at random, to make an extra special effort with this Advent and if they want to leave little treats or messages for them, that is fine. It has created a really lovely atmosphere in the classroom. 


Then on Tuesday, after lots of preparation, twenty four children in the class made their Confirmations at Immaculate Heart Church. It was a packed venue and the all the children looked very smart and behaved impeccably. We had a small celebration in class on Wednesday afternoon (which generally involved the children eating a lot of treats!).


Maths has involved us using lots of number facts that we have stored away in our brains, from numeracy work we completed lower down in the school. These facts have helped us to link fractions, decimals and percentages and to find fractions of amounts. 


Dragons continue to be the main topic of our writing in Literacy, with the children writing their own dragon stories this week. Once again, I have been incredibly impressed with the writing that is being produced in class and the excellent attitude to learning that is demonstrated. 


I will not be sending spellings home for the next two weeks as we will be having some random tests on the spellings that we have looked at over the last term, instead. 


Finally, we are preparing for our Enterprise Market on December 18th and the class have chosen to make slime to sell. So we are planning and preparing by deciding on our product name, slogan and packaging and next week we will hopefully produce an advert and posters to promote our product. 


Have a fantastic weekend and if the children could try and go to mass this weekend, that would be wonderful! 

Picture 1 Watching Puffin Live.
Picture 2 Baking with Year 1.
Picture 3 Practising for the Advent service
Picture 4 Final Confirmation session
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30th November 2018

We’ve been busy with assessments in Year 6 this week and all the children should be really proud of the progress that they have made since September. They definitely deserve a treat at the Advent Bazaar on Sunday!!


In Literacy, we’re still studying dragons and have been writing our own reports about dragons. Amazingly, we discovered dragon dust in our prayer garden on Monday morning and suspect that it may have been the Golden Acre Frost Dragon, which has been sighted in the local area recently. We took some samples and sent them off to Professor Darkfire’s assistant, Moonstone. 


Next Tuesday, the children will be making their Confirmations at Immaculate Heart and in preparation for that, Canon Tim came in today, to hear Confession for each child. He will come in again on Monday just to talk to us about what happens in the Confirmation ceremony, so that the children are fully prepared. 


We’d like to welcome Miss Wray to Year 6, who joined us on yesterday and will be with us next week and then after Christmas. 


And as someone new joins us, unfortunately one of our lovely girls, Lottie, is leaving St Paul’s to travel around New Zealand! We wish her safe travels and hope she has an absolutely amazing time!


Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see some of you at the Advent Bazaar on Sunday. Happy St Andrew’s Day!


Picture 1 Sewing our booklets
Picture 2 Canon Tim discussing Confession
Picture 3 Bye Lottie!!
Picture 4 Literacy grammar and punctuation lesson.
Picture 5 Reading about the Golden Acre Frost Dragon
Picture 6 Maths problem solving
Picture 7 Making our books
Picture 8 Dragon dust!
Picture 9 Investigating the dragon dust.

23rd November 2018


We’ve had another fun-packed week in Year 6, full of fractions, friendships, dragons and a Victorian murder! 


We’ve been using our knowledge of factors and multiples to simplify and compare fractions in Maths. Whereas in Literacy, we discovered that someone left us a book called Dragonology, encouraging us to become dragonologists. Then the esteemed dragonologist, Professor Darkfire, and his assistant, Mr Lowry, visited us today to tell us all about their studies of dragons. They were extremely knowledgable! 


On Tuesday, we went to the Abbey House Museum to help to solve the murder of Mr Sellit, a travelling salesman, who was found dead outside Mr Floggit’s Pawnbroker shop. The class made an excellent set of detectives and successfully found the murderer.


The children have been taking part in lots of different sporting activities this week too and have been devising their own games in Monday afternoon PE lessons. 


For friendship week this week, we’ve been wearing odd socks and tights to show how we respect and celebrate our differences. We’ve also continued talking about how to maintain healthy relationships, even when things are a bit challenging.


Finally, we’ve developed our manifesto for our revolution to help to save Africa, so we can begin to get ourself organised and start to raise awareness and money. 


Hopefully you all received letters about the Confirmation, which will be the week after next.


Have a fantastic weekend!

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16th November 2018


Year 6 should be really proud of themselves this week! Not only did they start a revolution, but they also showed their amazing potential as teachers, when they took over the classroom today, as part of Children in Need.


A history lesson about the Industrial Revolution started a conversation about what a revolution was, which somehow ended with the class deciding that they were on strike (although they carried on working) as they didn’t want to have to wear uniform anymore! By the end of the afternoon, having looked at the lack of funding for sustainable energy projects in Africa, (as part of our RE topic about Justice) the children felt that saving Africa was a more worthy and important cause. I was very impressed to see how they had all united overnight and worked together, to prepare banners and posters (and even a poem), to show their support for Africans and their intentions to ‘Save Africa’. Their playground protest on Wednesday morning certainly demonstrated their serious intent, so we discussed what kind of action we could take and next week we will draw up our manifesto!


If that wasn’t enough, some of the children taught all the lessons today. We had a Pudsey Bear biscuit decorating lesson; a lesson on architecture; some IPad art; a super science activity and a dance lesson. All the children involved put a lot of effort into the preparation and delivery of their lessons, so as promised, I will donate £5 to Children in Need for each lesson. 


Next week, we have our trip to the Abbey House Museum in Leeds on Tuesday - please can you make sure you check your emails to see the letter about the trip. 


Have a great weekend!!

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I9th November 2018


The children returned to school on Monday, when we had a PSHE morning, thinking about the relationships we have and how we can keep them healthy and positive. In the afternoon, we had our first session with Scott and Harry, two students from Leeds Beckett University, which involved playing a range of games and adapting them.


In Maths, we have been looking at the order of operations and BIDMAS (Brackets, Indices,

Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction).


Our new book in Literacy is called ‘The Arrival’ and is a picture book about a migrant. This has allowed us to explore the journey and experiences of migrants and refugees. Next week we plan to create guides for people who might be new to our country and, more specifically, to Leeds. Some aspects of this have linked nicely with our new RE topic of Justice. In this we have been discussing Fairtrade and how we can be global neighbours. 


In topic, we continue to learn about the Victorians. Having been inspired by the Victorian artist, William Morris, we created our own prints using polystyrene squares that we carved our designs into, before rolling them with paint and printing them onto paper. Next week we will use our prints to create something else! 


Have a a lovely weekend!

Picture 1 Printing
Picture 2 Poppy sewing
Picture 3 Discussing the banana trade
Picture 4 Poppy sewing
Picture 5 Empathising
Picture 6 Next week’s spellings
Picture 7 Barvember
Picture 8 A visit from Father Josh
Picture 9 Our current Literacy display

27th October 2018


We have finally reached the end of the first half term! The children have worked really hard for the past eight weeks and I hope parents will see the progress that they have made already in Year 6, at parent's evening after the half term holidays.


Our focus for Literacy this week has been the short film called 'Ruin', which the class wrote narratives for, as I mentioned last week. Children were able to work independently or with a partner to create their narrative and then, on Friday afternoon, we used iMovie to record our narrative over the film and also add backing music and other effects. 


We continued to explore division in Maths and looked at a couple of methods for long division, examples of which I have sent home and have included below. 


Just a reminder that forms for Confirmation need to be in as soon as possible. I have spare ones if necessary. Secondary school applications must be completed by next Wednesday 31st October. 


We had our last extra session of PE with Dan on Friday, but we will work with him again in the Summer term. Next half term, PE will be the whole of Monday afternoons and two students from Leeds Beckett University will be coming to work with the class, to help them to develop their own games.


Have a lovely half term holiday!! I have set homework as normal and additionally recommended that the children watch last week's episode of Doctor Who, which links in nicely with our work for Black History Month.





Picture 1 Adding narratives to ‘Ruin’.
Picture 2 A very efficient method of long division.
Picture 3 The ‘chunking’ method of long division.
Picture 4 The choir singing in assembly.
Picture 5 Collective worship reflecting on equality.
Picture 6 PE
Picture 7 PE
Picture 8 Helping our Reception buddies with baking.

19th October 2018


It’s been a real pleasure to read the work of some budding authors this week. The children wrote their version of the next chapter in Streetchild and I’ve been really impressed by the originality of their ideas and the effort that they have put into their work. Next week in Literacy, we’ll be writing a monologue to accompany a film. We will then record our monologue and play them over the film, using iMovie.


Division has been our operation of choice in Maths for the last couple of days. I think the children have really realised how important times table knowledge is in order to solve division problems. I’ll send out the Rock Star Maths and Mathletics passwords again next week, so the children can practice and improve their maths skills at home too.


In RE, we have been learning about the Sacrament of Marriage and the children have written some lovely reflections on why people get married and what advice the Bible has for married couples.


Confirmation forms were sent home today. If your child was not baptised in the parish, please can you attach a copy of their baptism certificate. You can return everything to school and we will pass it on to Canon Tim.


As it’s Black History Month, we’ve been discussing racism and how ignorance, suspicion and peer pressure are all factors that lead to prejudice. Last week, we found out about Walter Tull - one of Britain’s first black outfield footballers and one of the first officers in the British army of Afro Caribbean descent. He suffered racism at many of the matches he played in and, unfortunately, this is still an issue for footballers today, despite efforts by the FA and FIFA through their no tolerance campaigns.


Thanks to the Mini Vinnies in the class, who have been leading the rosary at playtimes in this month of the Holy Rosary. 


Enjoy your weekend!



Picture 1 Deepening our understanding of division
Picture 2 Authors hard at work
Picture 3 Collective worship
Picture 4 Discussing what makes a good relationship work.
Picture 5 Queen Victoria biographies

12th October 2018


Multiplication, the lives of Victorian children, William Morris and football have all featured in Year 6 this week.


We’ve moved onto long multiplication in Maths and everyone has demonstrated a good grasp of it. Next week we’ll be focusing on short division and then long division. 


Our novel, Streetchild, took an unfortunate turn and the main character ended up in the workhouse. But then he escaped! Next week the class will be writing the next chapter of the story, so we’ve been finding out about the kind of jobs that children in Victorian England had - they weren’t very pleasant. In our topic work, we have continued the Victorian theme - looking at where the Victorian era fits into world history. We have also studied the work of William Morris and are beginning to design our own patterned wallpaper for the classroom. 


The gifts of the Holy Spirit have been our focus in RE lessons, as we continue to prepare for the children’s Confirmation in December. 


PE is all about football for the rest of the half term. On that note, the Under 11 team maintained their unbeaten record this week, winning a game against St Urban’s and then drawing with Alwoodley. 


Don’t forget that secondary school applications need to be submitted by October 31st. If you have any questions, please do come and see myself, Mrs Mercer or Mr Bowker. 


Enjoy your weekend!! 





Picture 1 Helping Reception with baking
Picture 2 Mastering Maths
Picture 3 Storytime
Picture 4 Reading buddies
Picture 5 Friday afternoon storytime
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Goal!!!
Picture 11 Piano playing into assembly

5th October 2018

Lots of the class have managed to get on the gold star this week, which is a fantastic start to October!


We have started to read our new novel, Streetchild, and the class have been exploring the idea of empathy and how we can use evidence from the text to imagine for ourselves what it might be like to be a particular character in the story. 


In our Maths work, we are beginning to look at efficient methods of calculation using the four operations, beginning with column addition and subtraction.


In RE, the children explored what the sacrament of Confirmation involves and have reflected on why they are getting confirmed and what it means to them to get confirmed.


We were entertained by a variety of children on Thursday in our first talent assembly. Our renamed Peat Rigg talent show winners, Scotch Mist, played us a cover of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes and two of the girls made us chuckle with a very funny comedy sketch about accents. 


Finally, we ended our week with a Harvest Festival, led by our Mini Vinnies. Thank you to everyone who contributed hats, scarves and gloves - the representatives from the St Vincent de Paul Society were delighted. 


I’ve finally managed to get photos of the class with all their buddies from Reception. The children are thoroughly enjoying taking it in turns to spend time reading with Reception on Friday afternoons.


That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and enjoy Leeds Light Night if you get the chance to go (I can highly recommend it!).

Picture 1 Funny girls!
Picture 2 Scotch Mist - allegedly too cool for school.
Picture 3 Investigating vocabulary.
Picture 4 Teaching Maths
Picture 5 Harvest Festival
Picture 6 Understanding the text
Picture 7 Listening to instructions
Picture 8 Reading lesson
Picture 9 Discussing the text
Picture 10
Picture 11
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Picture 15
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Picture 19
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Picture 21
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28th September 2018


We have had a great week in Year 6 this week! The children have all been working really hard and are settling into the routines. 


We have continued to produce work related to our residential in Peat Rigg - the children have written a set of instructions for one of the activities and a leaflet to persuade Year 5 to go there for their residential. Next week we will begin reading a novel set in Victorian London.


During Maths lessons, we have been focusing on the place value of numbers up to ten million. The children have been securing and deepening their understanding of this through completing a variety of more challenging activities, where they need to apply their knowledge and understanding of place value. We will explore negative numbers next week and then begin to look at the four operations.


Thinking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation has been a key part of our Confirmation preparation this week. Father Josh also came in to talk to the class on Wednesday morning, to discuss the importance of the Sacraments in our Catholic journey.


We finally started our Victorian topic work on Wednesday too, sketching some of William Morris’s patterns and then today we started to research Queen Victoria, in preparation for writing a short biography about her next week. 


That’s all for now! I hope you have a lovely and peaceful weekend!


Picture 1 Circuits in Science
Picture 2 Art Club fun!
Picture 3 Devising our warm-up routines.
Picture 4 Devising our warm-up routines.
Picture 5 Devising our warm-up routines.
Picture 6 Confirmation preparation.

21st September 2018


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to make our class assembly this week - I hope you enjoyed all our performances and tales of Peat Rigg!


We started our Confirmation sessions in RE at the start of this week, focusing on the Sacrament of Baptism. It was lovely to see photos from and hear all about the children’s baptisms. The children also produced some really lovely and mature RSVPs to Jesus’ invitation to become one of His disciples.


Our Literacy lessons have focused on writing recounts of our residential week and we have just started today to write a set of instructions for one of the activities.


In Maths, the children have been looking at the place value of some very large numbers (up to tens of millions) and have been generally trying to get back into a mathematical frame of mind, after a couple of months off!


The children have received some homework books today and their spellings to learn for next week. I have also set some homework on Mathletics.


Have a lovely weekend!!





Picture 1 Confirmation session
Picture 2 Music
Picture 3 P is for performances
Picture 4 A is for activities
Picture 5 Baby Stan do do do do do do...
Picture 6 The Scots Pine Band

14th September 2018

What a fantastic week we’ve had at Peat Rigg! The class have been fantastically behaved, showing excellent manners and great team work. All the children have really pushed themselves, with some taking strides out of their comfort zone. Mrs McGurk, Mr Bowker and myself have had a great week filled with lots of laughs and we’re really proud of our Year 6.


I hope you’ll be able to make it to our class assembly next Thursday for more tales of our fabulous week away!


Have a restful and relaxing weekend (I know I will be!) 

Picture 1 Talent show
Picture 2 The Scots Pine band
Picture 3 Disco time!
Picture 4 Lovely ladies
Picture 5 Crate challenge blindfolded - very trusting!
Picture 6 Blindfolded crate challenge
Picture 7 Timber!
Picture 8 Tired
Picture 9 Tired
Picture 10 Exhausted!
Peat Rigg 
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Peat Rigg - Wednesday
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Picture 5
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Peat Rigg


Monday and Tuesday

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Picture 3
Picture 1
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7th September 2018

Welcome to Year 6!

I hope you had a lovely Summer holiday and are ready for the exciting year ahead! Thank you to all of the parents who made it to the meeting this week and sorry it was at such late notice. All of the information (and more details of what the children will be learning in this term), will be in our Curriculum Newsletter which will be sent out in a couple of weeks.


We have had a lovely first week in Year 6! The children have been brilliant and have settled into the classroom and the Year 6 routine really well. Congratulations to our new School Council members and House Captains and Vice Captains who are pictured below.


Next week we'll be on our residential in Peat Rigg ( ) and I'll try to post photos on Twitter and on this page if and when we get any wifi. I know that the children will have an amazing weekend and lots of exciting memories will be made!


Have a lovely weekend!

Picture 1 House Captains, Vice Captains and School Council
Picture 2 Art work related to The Lost Words
Picture 3 PE Cat and Mouse
Picture 4 Sprinting practice