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Twas the Night Before Christmas

After reading poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' we had a go at writing our own.


Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve

and my parents said

'Now we've laid out our cookies

let's go to bed'


too excited to sleep

I brushed my teeth,

I had been waiting for this

all year and all week


Suddenly there was a loud thud,

coming from the roof,

sleigh bells were ringing,

there was a rattling of hooves


the click from a door,

wait - could it be?

Father Christmas himself,

visiting me.


The elf on the shelf

moved as I blinked,

he danced across the room

and gave a cheeky wink.


I must have been dreaming,

too silly to be true,

it couldn't have been Santa,

it must have been you!


by Ciara, Rory, Isaac and Deepak