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Welcome to our School Council Page
Our School Council consists of 12 members who are elected each July following the annual class elections. Prospective candidates from years 2-6 forward a personal statement outlining their key skills and ideas to be an effective pupil voice for their class.

This provides two representatives from each class, years 2-5, and four representatives from Year 6 who are then elected to positions such as Chair and Secretary-see the display in the school hall!



School Council for 2017-2018



Meetings are held regularly with Mrs Mercer acting as the staff  liaison to the Council. An agreed agenda is followed which has been set by the chairs. Discussions include any issues and ideas that have been raised by members of their class via the Bright Ideas boxes in each class or requests from members of staff.

Also the School Council looks at ways to raise money for charities, for example, organising the "Great Donkey Bake Off" to raise funds which means the pupils now sponsor two Riding for the Disabled donkeys.

A message from the Chair!

For 2017 and 2018 we are looking to support Mr Bowker and the Leadership team of the school with the improvement and redesign of the building. We are also shaping a new uniform and behaviour policy together. We have our own budget which we use to purchase new playground equipment, technology and resources.


Each week in assembly we collect the teampoints and present the results to the school. We choose one pupil from each class to receive an individual teampoint award. Mr Pratt and Mrs O'Hara take their photo and share it with the school community.


We have our own School Council Display board in the school hall.   


Christmas Hampers of Hope

St. Paul's key stage 2 pupils came together in one huge effort to collect as much food as possible for those in need this Christmas, supporting the 'Catholic Care Christmas Appeal'. Finely stocked hampers from years 3,4,5, and 6 were presented to Catholic Care by our school councillors, who had helped to put the hampers together. As the school council assisted in loading the hampers, Janet from Catholic Care thanked St. Paul's pupils for their enormous generosity.  Our pupils once again have shown overwhelming kindness and these hampers will surely bring hope and joy to needy families this Christmas. 
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School Council Election 
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2016/2017 Successes

Mr Pratt (our PE Teacher) spoke to the School Council about having a football competition. It had been a very long time since we had such a competition so we decided to try it out with Year 5 and Year 6 children. Mr Pratt agreed to referee the matches for the school council.

The matches were played on a Monday and Wednesday lunchtime and each  game lasted 15 minutes. The teams were made up of 5 in a team, with 2 subs. Both boys and girls were represented in the teams. The results were displayed in the main corridor and members of the School Council acted as scorers for the games.

The competition lasted for four weeks, with the eventual winners being Merici and they were presented with certificates at our Celebration Assembly.


The School Council will discuss the possibility of running a similar competition this year.