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2018 - 2019

Public Health England recommendations for schools

Spring 1

To start the new year off, we had a day focusing on our short and long term goals and looking at changes that happen in our lives and strategies for dealing with them. 

This term we will be taking part in Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 5th February.

Autumn 2


This half term, our theme is Family and Friends. The children will explore how their behaviour affects others and what they can do to ensure that they have good, positive relationships with others. The week beginning November 19th will be our 'Friendship' week in school, where we will really focus on how to maintain good friendships; explore what happens when friendships go wrong; look at bullying in its various forms and think about how we can not only stand up to bullies, but consider why people might bully and try and help them.

Autumn 1

This year we will be using Mindmate and SEAL resources to deliver our PSHE curriculum. Many aspects of the curriculum are also covered through RE, Maths, Science, PE, Topic and Literacy. 


October is Black History Month and, whilst we learn about the history of people from all cultures throughout the year, this is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the unfair biased that the reporting of history has had in the past. It also provides us with an opportunity to explore the themes of racism, prejudice and equality and to reinforce the message that we are all God’s children, made in God’s image and therefore should be treated with equal respect.