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The children in Year 1 are excited about Advent. We have lots of lovely activities to look forward to including Advent Angels,  Advent calendars, decorating our Christmas tree and a special surprise that will be arriving tomorrow (1/12/16), watch this space...


1/12/16 - the Elf on the Shelf arrived in Year 1! He is still waiting for the children to decide what his name is, but he is keeping a very close eye on them all to make sure that they are being kind friends and hard workers in this Advent period.   



7/12/16 - the Elf on the Shelf has a name! Year 1 settled on the name Elvis for their Elf, and he has been busy watching them at work from various positions around the classroom. He has got lots of good things to report back to Santa about our Year 1 children so far!

All of the children in Year 1 absolutely love counting with the class abacus - some have even been asking for one from Santa! Just in case you were wondering, this is what our abacus looks like...