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Advent 3 Assembly

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We organised and performed the third assembly in Advent and focused on the role that Mary plays in the story of Christmas.  THis is because it was also our RE topic, 'Mary, Our Mother'.  There were angelic singers and rapping Santas to begin with.  Then we discussed the different ways that Mary has been portayed in paintings and the different roles she plays (as a mother and a follower).  We read the Gospel and performed the annunciation verse.  Finally, we finished our jam packed assembly with a written prayer for reflection.  After we held each other's hands and prayed the Hail Mary.  To end the assembly we presented an interpretative dance, using Sign Language, of the Hail Mary.


We worked incredibly hard to stage the assembly and Miss Seller was very proud with our final performance. 

Picture 1 Understanding the Hail Mary
Picture 2 Preparing the Annunciation scene